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May 15, 2010

Finding Writing Clients on Craigslist

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I love comments.  They help guide me as to what to put in my posts. 🙂

Andrea ( at ) had a question about finding clients on Craigslist in her comment on this post.

Since there really isn’t a short answer ( I mean, there is a short answer – “Yes” – but just giving you that doesn’t help much, now does it?), I’m devoting a post to it.  (Her question about tactics for getting your site noticed will be another post.  If you don’t want to miss it, make sure you subscribe to this blog for notifications of new posts via email.)

Step 1

  • Make sure you have your website or blog prepared so you can show potential clients your skill.   (Refer to this post  and this post for more info about what to put on your site/blog.)

Step 2

  • I have a separate email address only for Craigslist.  Why?  Because there are tons of spammers on there, unfortunately.  I don’t want my biz email getting flooded with spam, plus it lets me know when a client comes from CL.  You might want to consider setting up an email address just for CL replies.

Step 3

  • Start looking on Craigslist for local people wanting writers.  Why local?  Less chance of a scam (although not a guarantee).  Plus you have the chance to develop a personal working relationship with a local person.  Follow up on any emails promptly.

Step 4

  • Place your own ad on Craigslist, offering your services.  Again, watch out for spammers and scammers, but placing your own ad on Craigslist is the best way (for me, at least) to find clients.

Step 5

  • Do this process often.  Look at new ad listings daily, and run your own ads at least once a week.

Now, the next question:  What kind of ad do I run?

Two things I have found do really well on Craigslist:  article writing and press releases.  You can run ads offering batches of articles (10 is usually a good number) and also press releases.  (Tip:  Find a format for writing press releases and then fill it out.  Takes about 30 minutes and I normally charge $150 a pop.  I love press releases.)

However – your area may be different.  Try different ads and see which ones work best for you.

That’s pretty much it.

Questions?  Leave them as a comment and I’ll answer either as a comment or as a post.

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  1. Thanks for useful tips. I cannot believe that it’s never occurred to me to run an ad on Craigslist! I go there all the time looking for work, but never got pro-active about it. I will now.

    Comment by marcys — May 15, 2010 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

  2. You’re welcome!

    Lots of people don’t think about running their own ads – which is why I mentioned it. 😉

    Glad you like the blog. 😀

    Comment by Lady Orion — May 15, 2010 @ 1:32 pm | Reply

  3. This article begs the question: how much time do you spend (daily/weekly/monthly) looking for new clients (on average)?

    I practice the multiple emails for specific sources, works like a charm for weeding out the spammers as well as organization of what all comes in.

    What I find great about Craig’s List and Local Business is that you can target a field in which you write well/are well informed — this certainly helps to keep myself motivated, interested and producing quality content.

    Thanks for sharing… anyone else out there with experience on CL recruitment?

    Comment by Andrea — May 15, 2010 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

  4. Andrea –

    I don’t often look for new clients much anymore – but when I first started, I worked my butt off to find clients.

    I spent about 3-4 hours per day trying to find clients when I first started: searching CL, going to forums where website owners hang out, going on Twitter, etc.

    After a month of doing that, I had to stop – I had jobs booked a month in advance, and I had to turn business away or refer it to other writers.

    Maybe my next post can kind of be a schedule of what I did. Hmmmmm…would that help?

    Comment by Lady Orion — May 15, 2010 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

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